Meet with our board of directors who are founders of CKCA and are working as professionalist in informatics and communications.

Names of board of directors are listed in alphabetic order.


Founding Board Member

Arda ÇETİN, working in information sector since 2003, is IT consultant and digital project director. Between the years 2005-2008, he took part in developer team of Pardus Linux project developed by TUBITAK NRIEC (National Research Institute of Electronics And Cryptology). Mr. Çetin started his professional career in SadeceHosting which is one of the biggest hosting and data center in Turkey. Since 2008, he has been working in Beykoz University and also serves as consultant and project manager in the areas of digital strategies and educational technologies for corporate companies. Besides his corporation level works, Arda Çetin gives speeches about GNU/Linux, free software, and e-learning in conferences and activities of universities and non-governmental organizations.
He is a member of Pirate Party, Turkish Linux Users Association, and a board member of Common Knowledge and Communication Association.


Founding Board Member

After completing her education in Cinema&Tv Department of 9 Eylül University, she started ad writing in Istanbul. She undertook creating writing of many brands in national and international agencies. She also worked in communication campaigns of non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International, Darüşşafaka Association, and Turkish Red Crescent. Besides, her articles about internet, propaganda, and postmodern life are published in domestic and abroad. Still she works as independent ad writer, continues her researches and articles, and at the same time one of the activists of Pirate Party and a board member of Common Knowledge and Communication Association.

Erkan SAKA

Founding Board Member

Erkan Saka is an Assistant Professor at the School of Communication, Istanbul Bilgi University. He teaches on New Media Cultures and Cyber Anthropology. He is currently the director of Public Relations and Corporate Communication, MA Program at the same university. He did his BA and MA studies at the Sociology Department of Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. He received his PhD degree at the Anthropology Department at Rice University (Houston, TX). He has been a political blogger since 2004 June ( He is a co-coordinator of a Citizen Journalism Training Program at Bilgi Eğitim and he coordinates and presents SosyalKafa, a TV show on new media cultures.

Ismahan Simge GÜMÜŞAY

Founding Board Member

Born in Ankara, she lives in Istanbul. She graduated from The Department of Journalism of Ankara University. She is interested in a bit cinema and also advertisement works. Partly she plays bağlama and ney. For a year she attended to Aikido and Iaido sports. She is activist of No Hate Speech Movement and Pirate Party, and also volunteer of Association of Renaissance Institute. She is interested in particularly economy-political point of new media technologies and security of personal data on digital and social media.


Founding Board Member

Born in Düzce in 1984, Kenan Dursun graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Sakarya University. He did his MA studies at the Business Administration department of Beykent University. During his undergraduate years, he started to do volunteer activities in various non- governmental organizations. With his teaching education got in 2007, he continued volunteering as peer educator. While he was working as a quality system supervisor in a private company between the years 2007 and 2009, he released that he wasn’t fond of engineering, and then he started to work as volunteer/professionalist in civilian. In 2009-2010, he worked as field coordinator in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency volunteer program. In 2011-2014, he worked as project coordinator in Istanbul Bilgi University Youth Studies Unit and Istanbul Bilgi University Civil Society Studies Center. Kenan Dursun, continuing his MA in Media and Communication Systems at Istanbul Bilgi University, is writing his thesis on media and technology usage of non-governmental organizations. Moreover in the first half of 2015 in Dialogue for the Common Future Association he worked as general coordinator, and in 2014-2016 worked as communication specialist in Thing project team. Now he is a communication consultant for non-governmental organizations and UN projects.

Mehmet Şafak SARI

Founding Board Member

Şafak SARI, graduated from Faculty of Communication of Ankara University, works on new media and new communication technologies. He provides digital communication services and social media management to various individuals or institutions, and at the same time does Web Design, Graphic Design, Data Visualization and Infographic. He has been freelance journalist on Tahayyül ( as cofounder and on Journo ( which has been an independent digital platform for media professionalist since 2016. Moreover he produces contents about communication technologies on Sosyal Kafa ( which is program of digital natives. SARI provide education about new media, social media, digital security, data visualization to various individuals and institutions.
[email protected] (PGP)
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Founding Board Member

Şevket UYANIK, completed his undergraduate study in Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations of Eskişehir Anadolu University, continues his MA with the subject “Social and Economic Reflections of Copyright in Music: Alternative License Models” in Department of Department of Economics Sociology of Istanbul University. Uyanık, taking doctorate classes in Department of Sociology of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, published many articles in content with his academic studies, wrote six chapters of book, took place as lecturer in national and international conferences.

Since 2011, he has been the part of Pirate Party movement, active in internet freedom subjects. After his experiences like local journalist, teaching, radio broadcast technician, he worked as communication coordinator in Habitat (association). As a musician, he gave concerts with different bands, took part in works of albums and video clips. He graduated from Bogazici European School of Politics in 2015. Uyanık, moving from Istanbul to Izmir, supports non-governmental organizations as communication specialist and provide services in digital fields with the firm named Moneta Media one of whose founders is him. He as an educator works with different non-governmental organizations, do communication consultancy for EU projects, writes on different platforms like Platform for Independent Journalism P24 and takes place in the digital media team of “Istanbul Hepimizin Initiative (".