Common Knowledge and Communication Association is founded!

By 19 January 2018 July 11th, 2018 Blog

CKCA (Common Knowledge and Communication Assoc.) , we have been preparing for and dreamt about, is founded as to study on all areas internet touches on such as communication, media, and public knowledge. We aim to contribute to social upheaval through our projects planned to carry on with national and international partners and to develop individuals in the content with our education programs, as well. As a guide, we adopt the quotes “Communication is to be organized” by deceased Özgür Uçkan and “Internet is life” by Mustafa Akgül who has been passed away recently.

Some of the principles of CKCA are:

  • To defend human and privacy rights.
  • To work for conveying correctly new media and computer literacy to all parts of society.
  • To aim to defend and work for secure communication rights against that in means of digital rights all kinds of communication, sharing, and private information are observed and recorded by undesired people.
  • To be aware of the fact that all scientific, cultural, technological, and artistic developments are common accumulation of humankind.
  • To defend network neutrality and oblivion rights and to do study in behalf of personal data protection.

Digital era has been rapidly developing, transforming, and new cultures are coming up. We all shape this new communication and culture of sharing through what we contribute and our existence on internet. CKCA invites people who write, produce, have ideas, and are interested in internet issues to contribute studies of Common Knowledge and Communication Association!

We hope that 2018 will be full of more secure and fair share for the whole world.